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    “The question is not

    if you practice,

    it's what you practice!”






    this page contains real life experiments that work for me to create more aliveness, love, connection and presence.

    I have a deep desire to empower and empower you to experience life this way. I want to see your eyes light up, your breath quicken and your body shake as you create an extraordinary experience through simple changes in your habits, rituals and techniques.


    Extraordinary experience is not far from where you are in your life right now.

    In fact, it's so amazingly close to you that I've watched some clients clap their foreheads with a sudden laugh and let out a long "Ahhhhh". That's how close this possibility is to you.


    All you need is the will to take the first step, because:

    No one can stop you from trying something else.

    No one can force you to try something else.


    You have several ways to get in touch with me or my offer:

    1. In the "Experiments" section you will find recorded audios and videos that you can immerse yourself in, in your own time and in your usual environment.
    2. In the "Experience" section you will find dates to experience me live; here you will find both online and offline events.
    3. At the bottom of the page you will find a contact button to send me an email.


    "I take a stand for ongoingly exploring

    and creating spaces

    that allow beings to

    get in touch with, nurture and

    create from their 5 bodies."

    (Michael Karlinger)



    Here you will find tested experiments and opportunities to have experiences which open doors to something that has probably been impossible in your life up till now.

    These experiments are about being under the influence of so called "sacred sound". Sacred Sound is archaic or natural sound that is not technology madewithout meaningclose to what nature creates by it's own I create these sounds with gongs, handpans, shruti-box and my voice. Sometimes I...
    November 28, 2023
    To eperience the feeling (and emotion) of anger is not a mistake.Every human experiences anger. The question is which way you choose from there: Do you repell, deminish and hide the experience or do you create from the experience? Rage Space is a safe space for you to experience anger.It's...
    A five body space is a space that nurtures each of your five bodies. Your physical body gets the possibility of moving beyond his every day limitations, stretching further, sweating more, using more power and coming deeper into rest.Your intellectual body has the possibility of focussing and...
    Men heal, connect, learn and brake with men. This is a radical responsible space for you, Man, to explore and experiment with your nothingness and everythingness in a ultra-safe space. This is no space to validate you're a good man. This is no space to drink, smoke or gamble. This is no space for...
    333 is the space for feeling your feelings and emotions: 3 minutes of feeling 3 times a week 3 month of duration It is as simple as that and as hard as life can get. You will experience all your mechanics of not doing the things you know are good for you. You will experience the traumata and...
  • I experiment with having

    culture-to-culture conversations.


    I propose to have a 30min. zoom call

    within one week after you read this

    in order to explore which value

    we can co-create.


    Please show me your resistance

    to my proposal.

























    If you use telegram or whatsapp you can get in touch with me using +49.176.42930715.

  • The lineages

    The moment in which spaceholders replace themselfes they create something entirely different from modern culture competition: They create a lineage of excellency, brotherhood, connection and evolution. These are the lineages in which I take a stand: